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My dog has separation-related needs. Is VIP Boarding a good fit?

Maybe. I can and do host dogs with separation-related needs, but this type of stay requires special considerations that I take very seriously.

Separation anxiety, isolation distress, confinement anxiety, and separation-related behaviors associated with general anxiety are serious conditions that can result in severe panic when a dog is left alone. To host a dog with separation-related needs, I must be prepared to not leave the dog alone for any longer than the dog can handle. This might mean never leaving your dog alone throughout the entire stay.

I may or may not be able to accommodate this need for a particular stay. If I can, a trial stay before your planned travel may be required. After you submit the intake form, I will be in touch to discuss the possibility of a stay and additional details. Please provide thorough and thoughtful responses to all questions in the intake form.

My dog is uncomfortable with unfamiliar people. Is VIP Boarding a good fit?

Maybe. Your dog's comfort level with me is obviously one the most significant factors when determining fit for a VIP Boarding stay. As an initial step, I will carefully review and analyze your dog's history with unfamiliar people based on your responses in the intake form. Please provide thorough and thoughtful responses to all questions.


If we decide to proceed with the boarding assessment meeting, a determination will be made at that time. If your dog isn't comfortable interacting with me, we may decide it won't be a good fit, or I may give you the option of a second meeting. It very much depends on what I observe and what we discuss at the assessment.

How many dogs do you take at one time?

I only take one dog at a time. On rare occassions, there may be a day overlap with another dog's stay. If your dog doesn't get along with other dogs, or the other dog doesn't, we will schedule the stay to make sure there is no overlap.

Are there set times I need to drop-off or pick-up my dog?   

When we schedule the stay, we will agree on the specific drop-off and pick-up times. The earliest drop-off time is typically 8:30am. The total fee reflects both the drop-off day and pick-up day. 

Can I add training to a VIP Boarding stay?   

Maybe. If you're interested in adding some formal training sessions during the stay, we can discuss this at the boarding assessment. Additional fees apply. 

Do you take puppies for VIP Boarding?   

Yes. Rates for puppies are similar to Board & Train rates. 

How does scheduling work?

To get started:

  • Click on the "Check Dates" button to see if the dates you're interested in are available. 

  • Click on the "Intake Form" button to open the intake form for VIP Boarding.

  • Answer thoroughly each of the questions and submit. This is the first step for all new clients.

  • I will review your submission thoughtfully and be in touch by email within 2 business days Monday through Friday. If we proceed with a boarding assessment, you will receive a booking link for it where you can view all scheduling availability in real-time.​ Don't forget to check your spam folder.

What is your refund policy?

All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes payments for VIP Boarding stays, which secure the specific days you book.

What if I need to reschedule the boarding assessment?

You may reschedule the boarding assessment by selecting a different appointment using the "Reschedule Appointment" button in your email confirmation at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. If you notify me with less than 48 hours advance notice, or are not present at the scheduled time, the appointment is forfeited and is not refundable.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a VIP Boarding stay?

At the time of booking, payment in full is required to secure the specific days you book. Once a booking is made, those days are not available to others for VIP Boarding or Board & Train, and my availability for other services is affected as well. If you cancel the booking or wish to reschedule the days, this payment is forfeited. If you choose to reschedule, payment in full will be required to secure the new days you book. This payment is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

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