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Special needs ◆ Trusted care day and night ◆ Professional trainer's home 

Leaving your dog when vacationing can be so stressful. Oh how I feel your pain. I've been there so many times. When a dog has special behavior needs, having limited boarding options adds even more worry to the already-stressful travel process. 


Dogs with special needs – and their humans – deserve stress-free vacations too. That's why I offer trusted care in my home for reactive dogs, fearful or shy dogs, anxious dogs, dogs with separation-related issues, senior dogs, and dogs with other special needs.

Your dog will be a VIP guest and cared for in my home like family. Although training is not part of VIP Boarding, staying with a professional dog behavior consultant dedicated to minimizing your dog's stress can be tremendously beneficial. Cuddles are unlimited, training is not included.



Boarding Assessment

After you complete the intake form below, I'll get in touch about booking the boarding assessment at my home (located in 60646). During this meeting, we will discuss in detail your dog's behavior history and needs while I observe your dog's comfort level. Your dog will have an opportunity to explore my home and build positive associations with me. We will decide together if a stay would be a good fit, and if so, book the planned stay or a trial stay.


Trial Stay for Some Dogs

In some cases, a trial stay ahead of your planned travel might be necessary to make sure your dog is comfortable in my home. We will determine at the assessment meeting whether a trial stay is needed. Trial stays are usually 2-3 days.


Boarding Stay

Your dog will live in my home, be treated like royalty, and have fun! Each stay includes memory foam dog beds, fuzzy blankets, couches, human beds, enrichment opportunities, play and games, peaceful walks if appropriate, and unlimited cuddles and smooches. I'll send photos, videos, and text updates throughout the stay. Check out a few highlights with previous guests!

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Boarding Assessment 

This meeting is approximately one hour


Boarding Stay

Fee is based on specific needs, and will be discussed at the boarding assessment

Starting fro

$150 per day

For dogs with separation anxiety or who are uncomfortable with strangers, please make sure to read the first two FAQs here.

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