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Hands-on professional training ◆ Trusted overnight care ◆ Trainer's home 
BT Details

Life is hectic. Your time is precious. You love your puppy, but training is way down on your priority list. I get it, and I can help. Leave the heavy lifting to a certified professional, and confidently check off "train the dog" from your to-do list!

During a Board & Train program, your puppy will stay with me at my home, learn beginning skills and manners, and enjoy unlimited cuddles while being cared for as family. These programs are for puppies 3-6 months old, and are customized for your goals and the length of the stay. Examples of beginning skills are: 

  • Sit and down

  • Stay

  • Coming when called

  • Reducing jumping to greet

  • Body handling and cooperative care

  • Leave it

  • Drop it

  • Settling on a bed or mat 

  • Socialization outings

  • Beginning leash walking*

* 14-day program is the minimum required for beginning leash walking. 


Who Is Eligible?

Must be 3-6 months old at the start of the program

Must be happy interacting with unfamiliar people


Board & Train programs are for teaching beginning skills and manners. They are not for addressing fearful, anxious, reactive, or aggressive behaviors. Please book a Behavior Consultation for those concerns.


Board & Train Consultation

After you complete the intake form below, I'll get in touch about booking the consultation at my home (located in 60646). We will discuss your training goals while your pup enjoys positive associations with me and my home. We will also address your immediate training questions and steps you might start right away. If we decide together that a program would be a good fit, we will book it! For very young puppies, I may suggest a full-length Puppy Priorities Consultation at my home for this first step instead.


Board & Train Program

Your pup will live in my home, learn the goal behaviors set during the consultation, and have a blast! Each program includes structured training sessions most days, purposeful rest days, informal training in everyday real life, enrichment opportunities, play and games, exploratory walks, and unlimited cuddles and smooches. You will receive regular updates with photos or videos, and you are always welcome to schedule a visit.


​Transfer Session

When you pick your puppy up at the end of the program, we will have a "transfer" session where I teach you how to maintain the training. You'll also get written and/or video instructions. The transfer session is approximately one hour.


Board & Train Consultation 

This consultation is approximately one hour


Board & Train Programs

Additional fees may apply for some training, and will be discussed at the consultation 

​  7 days starting from $1,750

10 days starting from $2,500

14 days starting from $3,500

Board & Train programs are not for dogs who are fearful, anxious, barking, lunging, growling, snapping, or biting in any context. For dogs displaying any of those behaviors, please book a Behavior Consultation instead.

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