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Private lessons ◆ Everyday life skills ◆ For friendly, happy dogs

Your dog is absolutely friendly and happy, but jumps, pulls, counter surfs, or has a similar habit you don't exactly love. Although perfectly normal in doggie world, some canine pastimes might not mesh well in our human world. It's not about obedience. My goal is to teach you and your dog important skills so you can enjoy your lives together.

Private lessons for basic manners start with a 60-minute kick-off session held at my home (located in 60646) or remotely via Zoom. We will discuss your doggie manners goals, immediate steps to start, training options, and a plan to move forward. Examples of basic manners challenges I can help with include:

  • Pulling on walks 

  • Not coming when called

  • Jumping on people to greet

  • Scavenging on counters or tables

  • Barking to request food or attention

  • Begging for food at the dining table

  • Barking at sights through the window

  • Barking at doorbell sounds

  • Mouthing on humans during play

  • Digging in the yard

  • Dashing through doorways

  • Foundational skills (sit, down, stay) 


Introductory video

Recommendations for immediate steps

Training options and plan for moving forward

Handouts, videos, and other resources


A kick-off session for basic manners is not for dogs who are fearful, anxious, reactive, lunging, growling, snapping, or biting in any context. For dogs displaying any of those behaviors, please book a Behavior Consultation instead.


At the kick-off session, I'll make a realistic recommendation for a training package that makes sense for your goals. I typically suggest a package of 3 sessions if you have one manners challenge to work on, or 5 or more sessions if your goals include multiple behaviors. 


These one-on-one coaching sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes, and may be held at my home (located in 60646), at your home, or remotely via Zoom. Sessions are typically held weekly with step-by-step homework for you to accomplish in between.


Sessions at trainer's home or your home

Custom step-by-step training plans

Summaries and homework

Email support between package sessions

$450 for package of 3 sessions

$750 for package of 5 sessions

$1,050 for package of 7 sessions

Travel Fee

Applies to sessions at your home

Travel locations are listed at the bottom of this page

$20 per visit

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