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Live and interactive ◆ Convenient ◆ Easy technology

Messy hair, pajamas, pile of dishes? All of that is welcome with remote training! Enjoy the same professional expertise and personal approach without the fuss of a stranger in your home. All you need is a computer with internet access, camera, and microphone.

Just like private in-person training, remote consultations and sessions are live, one-on-one, and interactive. During consultations, we discuss your dog's behaviors, your goals, and immediate strategies to start. During follow-up sessions, I teach you training skills, demonstrate them through videos I prepare, and provide personalized coaching in real-time. Check out the brief video above to see remote training in action.

Are remote consultations and sessions effective?

Absolutely. They are especially helpful for dogs who are fearful, reactive, or anxious around unfamiliar people. My remote clients agree. Check out some of their reviews.  

How does the video meeting work?

It's easy. You'll receive a link to a private Zoom video meeting. When it's time for the scheduled appointment, just click on the link. All you need is a computer with internet access, camera, and microphone.

Are there any behavior issues that can't be addressed remotely?

For the initial consultation, no. For follow-up training sessions, although almost all behaviors can continue to be addressed remotely, I may suggest one or two in-person sessions for walking issues, leash reactivity, or car anxiety after starting remotely.    

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